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Anyone is invited to participate in this project. More entries mean more diverse perspectives and emotions.
Capture your thoughts, reflect your mood, anonymously share your voice. You can use any techniques. Photographs are also welcomed.

IMPORTANT: You have to own the copyrights to the picture you would like to submit.

It is necessary to consent to display and use of your work.


Be a part of the collaboration.

To successfully have your work displayed on the website, you have to follow the guidelines below.


  • Dimensions of each section are: 640 x 1080 pixels (min, 150dpi)

  • The black lines on templates HAVE to be incorporated into a final picture and should be used as a starting/ending point. It will allow all the elements to be equally connected. Works that will fail to follow this, will not be displayed.

  • You CAN submit as many entries as you want. There is no deadline.

  • It is essential to tick the consent box to submit your entry.

Download the templates (.rar)





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