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Critically Endangered Species

AR art zine

     The project BESTIARY utilizes the paper and the screen as tools of visual storytelling. It is a self-published zine that combines various elements and techniques, mainly illustration, calligraphy and motion graphics. The form focuses on critically endangered animals and the threats they are facing from human disturbance. 
The critically endangered species require educational programs, awareness and action towards their conservation, protection and recovery.  According to the IUCN database (Red List of Threatened Species):
- 805 global animal species, which are categorized with a taxon CR (critically endangered) are in need of conservation actions based on education and awareness 
-  139 of these species face threats from human intrusions and disturbance (which is 17,26%) 
The awareness campaigns utilizing art and digital media (e.g. social platforms) contributed to spreading and sharing information about vulnerable wildlife.
For more information on the research behind the BESTIARY project and its development, please follow this link.

The aim of this non-profit project is to support educational programs, raise awareness and funding, through the distribution of the zine, for the charity organizations targeting the threatened species: Wildlife Alliance, Endangered Species International

The art zines were printed with the method of risograph, on the recycled paper and with the use of sustainable inks, courtesy of Out of Blue Print Shop in Edinburgh.

To avoid any waste, the misprints are also able to be purchased and they contain additional hand-painted illustrations (with tattoo ink).

Through the ARTVIVE platform, the frame-by-frame animation is connected to one of the illustrations featured inside the zine. The ARTVIVE app allows displaying the short sequence in real-time with the use of AR technology.
The animations are an abstract and non-linear form and along with series of illustrations are inspired by the bestiary - a compendium of beasts that originated in the ancient world, popularized in the Middle Ages, usually containing the history and the illustration of a beast with a moral lesson.
The calligraphy was created in collaboration with Piotr Ciesiołkiewicz, which I would like to sincerely express my gratitude regarding this contribution.
The AR zines are available to be purchased through
the shop. All the profits go to the charity organizations, the rest cover the printing and postage costs



Song: "L'Etoile danse (Pt. 1)" by Meydän, from the album "Havor" (2018)
The songs in this album are licensed under CC BY 

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